There is no way we can be as bad as the devil without having an advantage, I read through the history of Gaddafi and I noticed that in all disadvantages there is always an advantage but in the case of Gaddafi, is not only an advantage but advantages.

Kindly read through this blog.

Though Gaddafi has gone, but d positive impact he had made on Libya economy will never b 4gotten. D most resourceful leader that Africa has ever seen is Gaddafi. He transformed Libya economy. For so many years now, Libya has not experienced unemployment, fuel scarcity, insecurity, corruption, removal of fuel subsidy etc. None of our leaders in Nigeria can do what this man has don…e. Nigerians have witness different kind of policies, since 1960, and nothing has changed. I think we should all sit down and think on where u are, where we are coming 4rm and where we are going. FGN, state government, centos, LG are not helping matter. Instead of our leaders to come up with policies that help humanity; hw to double their allowances is what matter to them. Our political leaders are getting richer & d electorate is getting poorer. Our Rep in d senate, house of rep, house of assembly, ministry, government house, aso rock, LG, should emulate and learn from the positive side of this man. We should stop dis self-seeking attitude, and learn to serve selflessly, humbly and godly. Gaddafi positive contribution will always b remembered. Repent! Has Judgment come on Gaddafi, it’ll come on each of us one day. Our days are numbered.


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